Million Mighty Men



The One Minute for Men is just one minute long. You can listen at your convenience by clicking on the links below.



Bill PerkinsNormally, when I’m doing a radio interview I’m put on hold during the breaks and I listen to whatever the station is broadcasting. But while doing an interview with Lifetalk, a Seventh Day Adventist radio network, the host would talk to me during the break. During one of our discussions I asked if their network would be willing to air a one minute spot for men if I would provide it to them. Without a moment’s hesitation, he said they would.

A few weeks later I edited some of the weekly emails into one minute radio spots which I recorded with the equipment in my office. And my friend, Steve Ziegler, the publisher at Treasure Publishing, added the sound track and compressed them into the exact time requested: 59.95 seconds.

I don’t believe there is anything like them on the radio today and I hope they provide men with a source of encouragement. I also hope they bring men to the MMM site so they can join the movement and lock arms with modern-day mighty men of God around the world.

If you heard a spot and are here for the first time, I’d encourage you to go to the home page and listen to the message and then join the movement. God is at work in the lives of men and together, in his power, we are a force for good.

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