Million Mighty Men



A Ministry of Bill Perkins

Becoming a Mighty Man of God

It’s been said that man’s greatest fear isn’t death but inadequacy. Every man wants to know his life matters. He wants to feel like he’s making a difference in the world around him.


The truth is, God wired you that way. He wants you to crave meaning because he wants to give it to you. God wants your life to matter. In light of that fact, I’ve pondered why so many men question their value. As I’ve traveled the country and talked with men personally and in small groups, I’ve concluded many Christian men feel unimportant—though perhaps successful—because they’re retreating spiritually. They’ve been bullied by the world and have raised the white flag. They’ve given up on their efforts to let God use them to make a difference. They no longer believe they can be an impact player for God’s kingdom. They view such ideas as nothing more than childlike fantasies—like boyhood dreams of being a pro baseball or football player.


Help the HelplessHelp the Helpless
In Pakistan I first looked into the brown, spoon shaped eyes of an orphan. A shredded blue cotton shirt covered his frail arms. The boy reached up and I lifted him in the air. He laughed... 

I’m convinced we’ve been tricked. We’ve fallen for a lie. You’re important to God and God wants to make your life important—He wants you to be a Mighty Man. In the ancient world, during the time before David became king of Israel, there were a handful of “Mighty Men.” These men refused to retreat when the rest of the army tucked their tail between their legs and ran. They stood their ground. They fought through pain. The locked arms with one another. And they relied on God’s power.


These guys were no-name warriors before they decided they would be bullied no more. Because they stood their ground God used them to spark victory after victory. They became role models for the rest of the boys and men in ancient Israel.

I’m persuaded God is looking for men today who are willing to say, “I will be bullied by my culture no longer. I will not allow myself to give into destructive habits. I will, by God’s grace, discipline my life and lead my family and church forward in their relationship with Jesus. And I will lock arms with other men of like-mind.”

My vision is of a million men who one by one will commit to daily:

1) Spend three to five minutes a day in prayer.

       ► Praying for their family

       ► Praying for their pastor

       ► Praying for an unbelieving friend.

       ► Praying for four other men who are making the same commitments.

2) Spend three to five minutes reading the Bible.
3) Express love to his family.
4) Maintain sexual purity.

Will you make these four commitments and join this army of present day Mighty Men? Will you forward this message to a friend—or several friends? Fill out the information on this site and you’ll begin to receive a weekly letter and an update on how the army of a million mighty men is equipping itself and spreading. Together revival will come…one man, one day at a time. I hope you’ll become one of the Mighty Men today.