Million Mighty Men




6 Rules Every Man Must Break - CD . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $21.95

What if by breaking six specific rules, you and the men you know could throw off the shackles of other people’s expectations and pursue a more authentic and liberating faith. In this book Bill has a message for men with the courage to break those rules—the same ones Jesus broke.


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1. The Rule of Passivity

Never Get in a Fight

2. The Rule of Playing it Safe

Never Risk it All

3. The Rule of Perserverance

Never Give Up

4. The Rule of Independence

Never Ask for Help

5. The Rule of Restraint

Never Lose Your Cool

6. The Rule of Impressing Others

Never Look Stupid



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The leader within you isn’t waiting to be born, only awakened. All it takes is vision—a Blow Your Socks off Vision.

The story of David's "mighty men" (primarily found in 2 Samuel 23) drives this challenging and encouraging book for Christian men.

This best selling book, that has been translated into eleven languages, details a step by step strategy for moral purity that really works. 

A book that uses real stories with a lot of dialogue... to bring out the most important principals.