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The Leadership Bible

The Leadership BibleThe Leadership Bible offers 52 weeks of practical studies on contemporary leadership issues that will help you experience a quantum leap in your leadership effectiveness. In just 15 minutes a day, you’ll discover how to improve your personal development, skills and relationships by following Biblical leadership principles.


Each workweek you’ll cover a personal quality such as Courage, Humility, or Vision. Or a practical skill like Conflict Management or Systems Thinking. Or a relational concern—Healthy Alliances, Power and Influence, or Servant Leadership. Guided by 52 weekly “home pages,” these studies will help you attain your full potential as a leader.

What do others have to say?

“The Leadership Bible begins where today’s top leaders are now arriving with the idea that what the Bible says and what Jesus models about principle-centered leadership works. I believe this Bible will prove to be an excellent, hands on resource for any leader who wants to motivate and empower others in a Biblically directed manner."

Dr. John C. Maxwell, Founder INJOY Ministries.



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