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This book is based on a moment in time when as I was reading the story of David’s Mighty Men in 2 Samuel 23 and God tapped me on the shoulder, not literally, and prompted me to challenge men to become modern day mighty men of God. I delivered the message all over the country and finally wrote it for Tyndale to publish. This is the book you need if you want to be challenged and equipped to break free of spiritual passivity, understand the holiness of God and your new identity in Christ, love your family, fight through  pain without a moral compromise, lock arms with other men, and cultivate a strong faith. The mighty men weren't drafted into David's army because of their impressive resumes. They were broken men who, given an opportunity   to achieve greatness, responded like champions. I use the story of David’s Mighty Men  (I originally wanted the book to be titled: David’s Mighty Men) to illustrate the six battles David's men fought which we win to become powerful and effective warriors in God's kingdom.


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What do others have to say?

An important book...[that] crackles with "aha" moments.
Patrick Morley, author and founder/CEO of Man in the Mirror

This book is a bolt of lighting that will energize men to fight the battles. I urge every man to read it once, reread it, and then give it to a friend.
Howard G. Hendricks, Chairman, Center for Christian Leadership at Dallas Theological Seminary

At last! A hard-hitting message that not only challenges men to break free from spiritual passivity, but shows them how.
John C. Maxwell, Founder of Injoy Group

Six Battles Every Man Must Win is a must-read for men who wish to do their part in the spiritual war - the one we are automatically a part of as sons of God's kingdom - for the hears and minds of men.
Eddie L. Long, Senior Pastor, New Birth Missionary Baptist Church

Proverbs 24:16 says, "For though a rightous man falls seven times, he rises again..." In Six Battles Every Man Must Win, Bill Perkins not only helps a man get up after being beaten down by our culture, but he also tells him how to stay up and keep standing.
Rodney Cooper, PH.D, Kenneth and Jean Hansen Professor of Discipleship and Leadership at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary



1. Live As Though Nothing Else Matters

Warriors live a focused life.

2. The Great Angelic Conflict

Warriors know they're part of a cosmic battle.

3. Stand Your Ground: Winning the War for Your Heart

Warriors fight for what's important.

4. Battle One: Fight for Your Identity

Warriors derive their identity from God.

5. Battle Two: Fight for Personal Holiness

Warriors possess God's holiness and seek to express it.

6. Battle Three: Fight for Your Family

Warriors work to be a blessing to their families.

7. Battle Four: Fight Through Pain

Warriors endure hardship because they've trained for battle.

8. Battle Five: Fight for Your Friends

Warriors are accountable to others and never leave a friend behind.

9. Battle Six: Fight for a Strong Faith

Warriors rely on God's power, not their own.


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