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Andy's Story
January, 2006

I have struggled with breaking free from pornography since I was a teenager. For years I tried to walk away from this nasty sin in my life. While I would experience periods of victory, each effort resulted in the same ultimate outcome . . . defeat.

God has prospered me greatly, (I have all the worldly possessions) but in the area of sexual purity I just didn’t seem to be able to break the bonds of lust. I won’t call my behavior an “addiction” because this term is so loosely used these days, I’ll just call it “sin.” I found it easy to justify my behavior. Because I’d fallen so far from the holiness of God, I lost the sting of how my sins hurt others. I ignored how it had separated me from blessings and the enrichment of my relationship with God. Not to mention how it had alienated me from my wife.

I thank God that he heard my prayers for help. While attending a men’s retreat in northern California at a camp called Silver Spur, Bill talked about the battle for my heart, for personal integrity and holiness. As he spoke I knew that for the first time in my life that I had a strategy against Satan and his devices . . . a plan that would enable me to clean out my mind and throw out the carnage that my sin had created. I finally had a strategy that would enable me to become who and what God has planned for me in this life.

AndyThe whole concept of the sin cycle, from birth to death, made such an impact on me that I can honestly say that my life was changed that weekend, or at least my motivation for change was ignited. Like any seminar or week-end event, one can get pumped up with knowledge and energy, and shortly thereafter the first temptation comes along and our evil desires can sink their claws into our mind.

But, there was a difference this time…I connected with another man in my church, John. We shared, we confessed, we laughed, we planned…hey! I had an accountability friend and the makings of a buddy.
Well, since that retreat I feel the best thing that happened to me was the restoration of a relationship with God. I read the Bible more, I pray more. My relationship with my wife is the best it’s ever been. I want to help men more. I want them to know that there is a better way to life, a way that leads to holiness like they have never experienced, and with that the showering of blessings beyond belief.

I know I’ve still got a long way to go. But I thank God for sending his Son to bear my sins and give me the power to be the man I want to be. And I thank Bill for being there at such a crucial time in my life.

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