Million Mighty Men





date Man in the Mirror

I’m on the faculty with this ministry that’s led by Patrick Morley. They provide topic-driven seminaries as well as excellent training for men and churches who want to launch and build a men’s ministry. If you want to focus and motivate your men’s team—then check out their National Training Center and regional leadership seminars. They also offer books at a huge discount.  

date Iron Sharpens Iron

I’ve had privilege of speaking at their events across the United States. Their one day events provide an opportunity for men to connect with God and receive practical and inspirational teaching. Their website will give you an update on any ISI events close to you.

date On Target Ministries

My buddy, Vince D’Accholi is the founder and president of On Target Ministries, a Christian outreach to men, pastors, and couples. In the past decade, Vince's seminars, workshops, church services, and so forth have touched the lives of thousands of people across the United States and Canada. Vince is an excellent speaker and has some great material for men. By the way—as an Italian-American it was Vince who once asked me, “Bill do you know why Italian men wear gold necklaces?” I told him I had no idea. Vince said, “So they’ll know where to stop shaving.”

date Church for Men

David Murrow, the author of Why Men Hate Going to Church, is a cool guy—I know because he’s stayed in my home and I’ve stayed in his. David’s site has some great links for men’s ministries. By the way—I actually had the privilege of baptizing a friend I led to Christ in the steam that flows through David’s back yard in Alaska. Yes, the water was cold. His site offers insights aimed at helping you connect with men while building a man friendly church.

date Lifesong for Orphans

This is a ministry that provides hope and help to orphans and is a partner with Million Mighty Men. Wonderful team of men!  

date All About God

This is an absolutely amazing site. It’s got answers for all sorts of questions like: does God exist? Is the Bible true? Who is God? Is Jesus God? It also answers  questions about science, world religions, philosophy and archaeology. Take a moment and check out this amazing and helpful site.