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date January 8 : Stand Your Ground

date January 15 : Find Your Identity in God's Strength

date January 22: Putting the Team First

date January 29: Play to Please the Lord

date February 5: Where is God's Power?

dateFebruary 12: Abandon the Old and Grab the New

date February 19: Learn to Move a 100-Car Train

date February 26: The Peaceful Man

date March 5: The Importance of Every Goodbye

date March 12: The Meaning of "Holiness"

date March 19: The Power of a Smell

date March 26: The Great Angelic Conflict

date April 9: A Personal Chat With John Wooden

date April 16: A Key Opening Question

date April 23: Servant Leadership Begins with Compassion

date April 30: It's A Great Question

date May 7: Words That Encourage

date May 14: Sometimes You've Got to Get to the Gum

date May 21: How a Bird Handles Job Stress

date May 28: Should Women Have Breast Implants?

date June 4: An Alternative to Breast Implants

date June 11: A Surprising Key to Connecting with Your Wife

date June 18: Is the Bible Reliable?

date June 25: Is Your Faith Blind?

date July 2: Mating Habits of Addicted Men

date July 9: The Flies in McNair's Cologne

date July 16: Juggle-drop! Juggle-drop! Juggle! Juggle! Juggle! Juggle!

date July 23: Dream of Something Only God Could Pull Off

date July 30: This Will Destroy You Like Rust on Iron

date August 6: A Bullet to the Temple or Something Better?

date August 13: I Throw Up My Hands

date August 20: WOW! I Hit A Nerve

date August 27: Will Pets Be In Heaven?

date September 3: The Art of Leadership

date September 10: Have You Ever Seen God?

date September 17: Spider, Spider, Spider Web

date September 24: Finding Purpose in a Bird Nest

date October 1: Get a First Look at My New Book

date October 8: How Spiritual are We?

date October 15: Finding True Happiness

date October 22: A Conspiracy of Deceit

date October 29: Entering A Spiritual Twilight Zone

date November 5: If You Knew You Weren't Coming Back Home

date November 12: She Didn't Get Me

date November 19: Get Out of Your Safety Zone

date November 25: The Ungrateful Cat With a Paw on the Window

date December 3: Break the Worry Cycle

date December 10: Choose What's Best

date December 17: God is as Approachable as a Baby

date December 31: A New Year's Perspective