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date January 7: Is Your Home a Hatchet Home?

date January 14: The Value of Confessing

date January 21: Hug Me Homes

date January 28: Encourage Your Pastor In Three Ways

date February 4: A Line That Goes Up More Than Down

date February 11: Decisions That Saved a Marriage

date February 18: The Value of a Rebuke

date February 25: Believing in the Invisible God

date March 4: The Law of the Harvest

date March 11: You Serve the God of a Second Chance

date March 18: Everyday Miracles

date March 25: Cultivate Faithfulness

date April 1: Look in the Tomb

date April 8: A Call to Commitment

date April 15: Focus on Jesus

date April 22: Stand on the Truth

date April 29: I Need Your Help. Really.

date May 6: Start Small and Build On It

date May 13: Step Down to Lift Others Up

date May 20: Know When to Shift Gears

date May 27: Barriers to Belief

date June 3: The Power of Friendship

date June 10: The Day I Met John Wooden

date June 17: The Power of an Authentic Man

date June 24: The Power of Confession

date July 1: The Power of the Tongue

date July 8: Five Keys to Conflict Management

date July 15: A Mid-Year Challenge

date July 22: Finding Hope in Hardship

date July 29: You're A New Man

date August 5: The Danger of Bad Alliances

date August 12: How to Lose Your Cool, Without Losing Control

date August 19: Live Authentically

date August 26: Courage in the Face of Hardship

date Sept 1: The Presence of God

date Sept 8: Winning the Spiritual Tug-of-War

date Sept 15: The War of Fanatics

date Sept 23: Silence Doesn't Mean Absence

date Sept 30: No Taboo Topics

date October 7: The Presence of God

date October 14: "Normal" No Longer Exists

date October 21: Ask "Why? Why? Why?"

date October 28: To Loosen Resistance, Paint Vivid Word Pictures

date November 4: Forego Judgment and Process Information

date November 11: Do What's Right

date November 18: A Key to Purity

date December 2: Becoming a Role Model One Day at a Time

date December 9: Overcoming Barriers to Belief

date December 16: God is Approachable