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date July 11: Give to Advance God's Kingdom

date July 18: Fight For Your Marriage

date July 25: Be Real

date August 3: Hug Me Home

date August 9: Overcoming The "I Don't Want To" Feeling

date August 15: Breaking the Back of Selfishness

date August 22: Tapping into the Grace of God

date August 30, 2005: The Blessings of Obedience

date September 19, 2005: Why Katrina?

date October 10, 2005: Why Katrina II?

date October 24, 2005: Finding Success That Matters

date November 6, 2005: The Value of Secrets



date January 5: Look to Jesus

date January 12: Face Your Fears with God

date January 19: Don't Play Hide and Seek With God

date January 26: The Myth of the Greener Grass

date February 2: Why You Should Honor Your Enemies

date February 9: Seize the Moment

date February 16: To Clone or Not to Clone

date February 23: A Purpose

date March 1: The Passion of the Christ

date March 8: Same Sex Marriages

date March 15: Take Good Advice

date March 22: The Great Angelic Conflict

date March 29: Manage Conflict

date April 5: Overcoming the Three Barriers to Belief

date April 12: Don't Give Up!

date April 19: Have You Ever Seen A Beam of Darkness

date April 26: Make Me A Servant

date May 3: Dedication to Work

date May 10: Grab What's Important

date May 17: Update Your Map

date May 24: Keep Your Priorities Straight

date May 31: Ethics, Morality, and Integrity

date June 7: Reagan's Shining City

date June 21: Follow the Leader

date June 28: The Benefit of Value Driven Practices

date July 5: The Founders' Sacrifice

date July 19: Using Your Power to Serve

date July 26: Never Minimize Sin

date August 2: Keys to Manage Conflict

date August 16: Bless Your Kids

date September 27: Cultivate We-ism

date December 23: Avoid Distractions This Christmas

date December 31: Smile Back at 2005



date January 6: Secret Attack

date January 13: The Value of Service

date January 20: Bless Your Children

date January 27: Extended Forgiveness

date February 3: Ride Out Your Pain

date February 10: Value Each Day

date February 17: A Safe Place To Hide

date February 24: Love Your Wife

date March 3: Never Mistake Your Wife for a Hat

date March 10: Don't Be Like Hanz Blix and Hide the Smoking Gun!

date March 17: Prayer-Driven Decisions

date March 18: Pray For Our Leaders and Armed Forces

date March 24: Pray For Our President As He Prays For Wisdom

date March 31: A White House Briefing

date April 7: A Lesson From The Gazelle

date April 14: Buffalo Soldiers

date April 21: The Empty Tomb

date April 28: Greater Than Extraterrestrial

date May 5: Sow to the Spirit

date May 12: Seeing the Invisible God

date May 19: Seize the Opportunity

date May 26: A Call to Commitment

date June 2: Why Do Bad Things Look So Good?

date June 9: The Healing Power of Tears

date June 16: Live As Though Nothing Else Matters

date June 23: Finding True Happiness

date June 30: Nothing is Hidden

date July 7: A Lesson from the Ermine

date July 14: A Small Change in Trajectory

date July 21: Kobe's Mistake

date August 4: God is Here

date August 11: Cultivate Compassion

date August 18: Avoid a Power Failure

date August 25: Stand Up For What's Right

date September 1: What's Integrity?

date September 8: Listen For God's Direction

date September 15: Don't Let a Two-Inch Board Stop Your Locomotive

date September 22: Sometime You've Got to Rebuke

date September 29: Deal With Bitterness Now!

date October 6: Throw Away the Mask

date October 13: Let the Master Play Your Life

date October 20: Is The Light Red or Green?

date October 27: Look in the Mirror

date November 3: The God of a Second Chance

date November 10: The Hardest Part of Decision Making

date November 17: Get Mad Without Getting Into Trouble

date November 24: Six Reasons Not to Worry About Tomorrow

date December 1: A Spiritual Paradigm Shift

date December 8: The ABC's of Management

date December 15: Spiritual Role Models

date December 22: God is Approachable

date December 29: Take the Challenge



date March 11: No One Left Behind

date April 8: Overcoming the Power of Procrastination

date April 15: Are We Living in the Last Days?

date April 22: When You're Caught in a Storm

date April 29: Bridle Your Appetites

date May 6: Success Comes to the Committed

date May 13: Fail By Example

date May 20: What's in a Name?

date May 27: The Heart of a Warrior

date June 3: Master the Little Things

date June 10: The Pain of a Face Plant

date June 24: The Day My Father Died

date July 1: What Do You Do When No One is Looking?

date July 8: Take Immediate Evasive Action

date July 15: The Frog in the Kettle

date July 22: The Key to Conflict Management

date August 5: Kiss Your Wife Goodbye

date August 21: How's Your Pastor Doing?

date August 28: About Those "Little Sins"

date September 2: Draw a Map of Yourself

date September 9: A Day You'll Never Forget

date September 16: The Purpose of Trials

date September 23: The Three Barriers to Belief

date September 30: Don't Play Hide-And-Seek With God

date October 7: You're Not Captain Picard, But You Are A New Man

date October 14: Would You Violate Your Ethic?

date October 21: The Power of a Word

date October 28: Juggling Life's Demands

date November 4: Achieving Success by Delaying Gratification

date November 11: Unleashing God's Power in Your Life

date November 18: Persevere!

date November 25: A Tribute to Bonnie

date December 2: The Peaceful Man

date December 9: Be Spontaneous

date December 16: Three Elements of Spiritual Victory

date December 23: A Christmas Gift

date December 30: A New Year's Perspective



date September 13: What Would Jesus Do? Jesus and the Terrorist Attack

date October 8: The Power of Two

date October 17: Manhood is Okay Again

date October 22: Fear: The Anthrax Scare

date November 5: We're in it for the Long-Haul

date November 15: Let's Find Out What God Will Do When We Lock Arms

date December 15: Lock Arms With a Two Minute Power Prayer