Million Mighty Men





date Jim Walters, Senior Pastor — Bear Valley Church, Lakewood, CO

What a powerful message Bill Perkins brought to our retreat -- and it landed right where our men live!

Bill Perkins connected with our men in a way that few speakers have been able to accomplish. No sugar-coated stuff here; but neither were there pie-in-the-sky ideals that no man could reach. Rather, real strategies to win the key battles that we're all fighting. I left the retreat so grateful for his teaching, his love for us, and his global ministry. Count us in as a small platoon in God's Million Mighty Men army.

date Robert Nordlie, Senior Pastor — Our Savior Lutheran Church, Tacoma, WA

Bill Perkins has been a speaker for our Menís retreats here at Our Savior Lutheran Church in Tacoma, Washington for three different years. He is an exciting and engaging speaker that can educate men on a variety of menís issues and motivate men to change their lives. As senior Pastor I have never had to worry about Billís theology and how that might agree with the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod; Billís teaching has always been Biblical. He has been a blessing to our church and our menís ministry programs.